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The full-stack health platform customizing benefits to meet the needs of every employee.

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Better health insurance has arrived!

A True Partner In Health Insurance

Angle Health is an AI-enabled health insurance plan that delivers comprehensive healthcare benefits. We offer employers more flexibility and options for their employees while removing the burdens of administration and access.

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Easy Procurement: Rapid Level Funded

With Angle’s proprietary Quote to Card technology and Benefit Builder platform, gone are the days of member-level health applications and 7-10 day turnaround times. Swift level funded quotes, custom plan designs, and integrated point solutions are all dynamically underwritten with just a member-level census.


Modern Management: A Platform That Just Works

Managing and accessing employer sponsored healthcare does not have to be hard. Angle integrates with 100+ payroll, HRIS, and benefit admin platforms, allowing us to meet employers where they are on their tools today. We help them interact with their health plan in a natural, uncomplicated manner.


Elite Engagement:
The Retail Approach

With Angle’s integrated engagement programs, our team is enabling members' to access care beyond the plastic ID card, while taking a personal approach to engagement. We deliver personalized messaging based upon condition, plan, region and more with a focus on reducing barriers to entry and enabling members' ease of access to care.

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Better Insurance Requires A Better Infrastructure

With a health plan rebuilt from the ground-up, Angle delivers a unified care platform connects millions of data points, hundreds of partner solutions, and next-level customization into a truly efficient benefit experience for both members and employers.

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