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Hi, We’re Angle Health


August 22, 2021


Angle Health Team


Hi! We’re Angle Health, a Y-Combinator backed startup founded by ex-Palantir engineers, and we’re taking a big swing at fixing healthcare. We’re doing this by innovating on one of the most important, but also arguably the most archaic and broken, parts of the system: the health insurance carrier.

Today, millions of Americans are confused and intimidated by the healthcare system, which leaves people in debt and oftentimes untended to, putting them at serious medical and financial risk. Health insurance companies make matters worse for members with hard to understand terms like EPO, PPO, deductible, and coinsurance, so basic information like knowing how much a procedure or medication will cost is nearly impossible to figure out. All of this, combined with unintuitive concepts like an “out-of-network” provider, leaves members in scary situations, like being stuck with a five-figure ER bill for a simple sprained ankle.

Large legacy insurance companies are stuck in their ways and have little incentive to change. We think it’s time to re-center the health plan on the most important piece of the healthcare ecosystem: the member/patient.

At Angle Health, we’re building health insurance for the next generation and we’re starting with modern health plans tailored for startups. Our fully digital experience enables employers to get instant pricing and begin enrolling their employees in a matter of minutes. Through our mobile app, members have 24/7 access to resources and real-time chat with Angle’s Care Team—a dedicated cadre of licensed nurses and healthcare professionals to guide you through your entire care journey.

We believe that Angle Health’s entrance into the healthcare benefits market marks a new era for modern employers and employees. Rather than being intimidated by choosing a health insurance plan for their employees, we’re building an easy and configurable process for startups so they can pick the coverage their employees want at a price point that makes sense. Our health plans are built for the digital-forward employee, designed with the “whole person” in mind, and they don’t require a PhD in health insurance to understand.

That’s Angle Health, but we are just getting started...and we can’t wait to meet you.

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