Reimagining the health insurance experience

Born out of the frustration from the personal healthcare experiences of our team, Angle Health was founded to bring a truly technology-enabled solution to health insurance-one where members don't have to spend hours navigating the complex maze of health systems and "figure out" their health insurance in order to access the right care.

To achieve this, we've brought together experts from across the care continuum. We've built a leadership team that combines deep technical and product development knowledge with over a century of aggregate healthcare and health insurance experience.

Our Vision

Bring transparency, simplicity, and humanity to healthcare so that people can live their best lives.

Our Investors

Angle Health is backed by top healthcare and technology investors with billions of dollars in assets under management and a consistent track record of success.

What We Value

Put The Member First

Our team strives to build the Angle experience around the true needs of our member before anything else.

Lead With Empathy

Every product and service we build starts by looking at the problem with empathy. Because every stakeholder's needs are unique.

Continue To Innovate

Our goal is to build the healthcare tools of the future without legacy standards limiting our ability to innovate.