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Healthcare For The Whole You

Angle Health is a full-stack health insurance carrier delivering comprehensive healthcare benefits tailored to startups and technology companies. Our fully digital platform delivers a personalized member experience that centers around ease of use, personalization, and better access to care. 

Get covered in 3 easy steps:

Answer Some Questions

Answer a few questions from our coverage estimator to receive your plan options.

Accept Your Benefits & Costs

Review and accept your benefit plans and estimated costs.

Onboard & Get Covered

Easily onboard through our guided enrollment system and get covered when you’re ready.

We take the burden off the member in navigating the healthcare system

Simple plan design & an automated onboarding experience.

Chat with your care team so that they can do the "work" for you.

24/7 access to an integrated telemedicine experience.

The Angle Experience

Affordable & Relevant Coverage

  • Comprehensive benefits that employees actually want, with coverage that's easy to understand
  • Streamlined portfolio of plans with an option that will fit your business and employees’ needs


  • Unified Experience
  • Digital-first approach with less paperwork
  • Benefits That Attract & Retain Employees

No More
Figuring It Out

  • We help navigate the complex healthcare system with convenient and friendly digital and human support, all accessible through your phone

Health Insurance 2.0

At Angle Health, we’re building health insurance for the next generation and we’re starting with modern health plans tailored for startups. Our fully digital experience enables employers to get instant pricing and begin enrolling their employees in a matter of minutes.

Through our mobile app, members have 24/7 access to our digital provider directory, care resources and Angle’s telemedicine platform.

“ Every Angle Health associate I've dealt with has been friendly, understanding, respectful, helpful, and professional. Your service is a gift of peace-of-mind to my family. Thank you for your time and assistance. “
Alice Bentley, Angle Member

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Angle Health

At Angle, we're building a modern health insurance company to bring quality, tech-enabled health plans to today’s employers and employees. Healthcare is complex, but we’re here to make it easy, affordable, and convenient.

What type of products does Angle offer?

Angle currently offers fully-insured group medical plans. Our portfolio of PPO plans offer access to a broad network of physicians and hospitals. All plans are fully ACA-compliant, satisfying employer healthcare coverage requirements.

Is Angle Health ACA compliant?

Yes, Angle Plans are fully compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

When can I enroll?

Angle Plans are available to Utah employers and their employees. Please ask your HR team or whomever is in charge of benefits to reach out to us directly!

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